2010-09-21 Michael Carter presents "Six Sigma—The Process-Improvement Methodology"

From September 21, 2010 11:00 am until September 21, 2010 2:00 pm

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Join us Tuesday, September 21, and hear Michael Carter discuss the fundamental construct of the Six Sigma methodology and the curious adaptation of the martial arts “belt” system. He’ll show how Six Sigma is used to solve difficult business problems and why achieving a Six Sigma quality level can be so important. He’ll use a few entertaining games to emphasize the concepts he presents. Six Sigma was first developed as a management methodology at Motorola in the early 1980s. Created to improve quality by 10x, Six Sigma led Motorola to the Malcolm Baldridge Award in 1988. Based on this success, it was adopted and then popularized by Jack Welch at GE. Since then, Six Sigma has become the process improvement methodology of choice among the Fortune 500 and countless smaller organizations. It’s now, arguably, the longest-running fad in modern management history.

About the Speaker

Michael currently works for KPMG’s Forensic Technology and Electronic Discovery Practice in Cypress, California, where he’s responsible for their Lean & Six Sigma deployment. He’s a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt with a BS in aerospace engineering, an MBA in finance and accounting, and a PhD in quantitative methods (statistics). In addition to his 27 years of experience in engineering, finance, and accounting; sales and marketing; customer service and Six Sigma, he has coached and trained Six Sigma and Business Improvement teams in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, Mexico, Germany, Canada, and the USA In addition, he serves as the President of 6ixSigma.org, an online Six Sigma training and resources portal.