Jack Molisani Presents "Be The Captain of Your Career: A Career Makeover Workshop"

From September 21, 2019 10:00 am until September 21, 2019 2:00 pm
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Registration closes at 11pm on Wednesday 9/18

About the Presentation

Be The Captain of Your Career: A Career Makeover Workshop

Are in your dream job, making the compensation you’ve always wanted?

If not, attend the OCSTC Career Makeover workshop on September 21, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

The workshop materials include a copy of Jack's book, "Be the Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement."

In this four-part career workshop, professional recruiter and STC fellow Jack Molisani will cover:

Part 1:  Resume and Job Hunting Secrets That Might Surprise You

Have you ever submitted a resume for a position but weren't even called for an interview?  You probably made one (or more) mistakes that scuttled your chance of landing the job.  In this segment, Jack will discuss the top 10 mistakes professionals make when looking for work (whether contract, permanent or consulting), with proactive tips on how to avoid these pitfalls and increase your chances of landing that next job or contract.

Part 2:  Portfolios and Interview Strategies

Have you ever interviewed for a position you wanted but didn't get?  Chances are you didn't achieve the four critical steps needed to receive a job offer. In this segment, Jack will show how a portfolio is not just a collection of graphs and reports, it is a tool you can use to control an interview and achieve specific objectives that result in a job offer.  The segment includes what to put in a portfolio, how to get things to put in your portfolio, and most importantly, how to use your portfolio to ace a job interview.

Part 3: Career Advancement Through Personal Branding

I recently went to a conference where attendees' name tags included the phrase, “Ask me about… [then the answer attendees provided when registering].”  While the intent was to give attendees a way to break the ice when networking, I realized the whole concept of personal branding could be summarized by that simple statement, 'Ask me about…'

How is technical communication viewed in your organization?  Does your boss's boss think of your department as a core part of the development team, or a burdensome commodity to be acquired at the lowest possible price given an acceptable level of quality?

What are you doing to promote your corporate value and advance your career?

What should people ask you about…?

Part 4:  Honing Your Workplace Negotiation Skills

We all find ourselves negotiating for what we want, whether we're trying to manage the scope of a project, negotiate a job offer, or ask for a raise.

During this workshop you will practice how to successfully navigate a negotiation, including:

  • How to prepare for a pending negotiation
  • How to set the stage for success
  • How to get what you really want
  • When to cut your losses and start over elsewhere

Jack will draw on experience as both a buyer and seller of corporate services, and will share war stories from both sides of the negotiation table in this hands-on segment on how to hone your workplace negotiation skills.

This final workshop of the day will give you the tools to get what you want, not what you are offered.

“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!”

About Jack Molisani

Jack Molisani is the president of ProSpring Technical Staffing, an employment agency specializing in content professionals: http://ProspringStaffing.com.  He's the author of Be The Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement, which hit #5 on Amazon's Career and Resume Best Seller list. Jack also produces the LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy and Technical Communication Management, to be held in Portland this October https://lavacon.org    


  • 9:30am to 10:00am: Registration and brunch orders
  • 10:00am to 10:15am: Announcements
  • 10:15am to 10:30am: Brunch served and workshop starts
  • 12:00: Break (15 min)
  • 2:00pm: Workshop concludes,Q&As, Wrap-Up


Ticket Type  Description Price
 Member STC member; brunch and coffee service included  $29
 Nonmember Not a member of STC; brunch and coffee service included  $34
 Student Current student; brunch and coffee service included  $24
Member ONLY, Speaker Only STC member; coffee service included  $19

Brunch Options

1. Acai Bowl (acai sorbet | strawberries | bananas | blueberries | granola | coconut flakes | honey)

2. Chilaquiles (pan-fried corn tortillas | red chile salsa | fried egg | avocado | red onions | citrus sour cream | feta cheese)

3. El Clasico (2 eggs any style | bacon | breakfast potatoes | toast | strawberry-chipotle jam)

Location and Parking

City parking garage
Third and SycamoreChapterOne in Santa Ana
Average rate is $1.50 per hour for parking 

Chapter One
227 North Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 352-2225