Matt Sullivan presents "Adobe RoboHelp Essentials: Unleashing the power of Conditional Output and Dynamic Content Filters"

From January 23, 7:00 pm until January 23, 8:30 pm
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This meeting is sponsored by the Adobe Community Experts Program!

NEW! We have some exciting raffles to announce! During the presentation, we'll raffle off a one-year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and one hour of 1:1 consulting time with Matt Sullivan. Both are incredible prizes!

Raffle Rules (gotta have 'em):

  • Must be present to win
  • Every attendee will receive one entry.
  • Those who purchased donation tickets at registration will receive one additional entry.

Meeting Details

Organizations use Adobe RoboHelp to create online help systems for multiple audience types. While some of your customers might need to see all content in your help system, others might require only a portion of it. Maintaining multiple RoboHelp projects—one for each audience—can drive you crazy because you will need to fix the same content errors in every individual project.

Conditional build tags and dynamic filters in RoboHelp work together brilliantly and allow you to create and manage your project for an unlimited number of outputs and audiences. In this hands-on session, you’ll learn how to create conditional tags, assign tags to topics, and learn how to generate outputs for multiple audiences from a single project.

Matt will show us how to

  • Create Build Tags
  • Apply Build Tags to Topic content (text and images)
  • Apply Build Tags to Topics
  • Create Build Tag Expressions
  • Create Conditional Filters
  • Create Conditional Output

As a content expert, you always want to offer your customers the ability to find content that suits their needs. This content requirement can vary in many ways—e.g., geography, different user groups, software or hardware platforms, installation details, or other factors. So, how do you let your users define their environment to get the content they are looking for?

Adobe RoboHelp allows you to generate output that lets your audience customize their help by defining their environment. In this virtual workshop, we will explore how you can combine the power of conditional build tags with dynamic content filters in RoboHelp to publish content that users can finely tune as per their needs.

Learn how to

  • Define Dynamic Content Filters
  • Connect existing Conditional Build Tags with Dynamic Content Filters
  • Publish output that allows users to personalize the content selectively

About Matt Sullivan

Matt Sullivan is the owner of Tech Comm Tools, headquartered in San Jose, California.

Through his company, Tech Comm Tools, Matt Sullivan helps technical communicators create, manage, and deliver content. Matt regularly lectures to groups and conferences across the country on mobile, web, and interactive topics.

He is the author of an entire series of FrameMaker reference and workbooks and runs online training courses at


Pay what you can! The suggested donation is $10, but you're welcome to join us no matter what you contribute.

Meeting format

We'll keep things casual during this virtual event:

  • Network with each other and learning about job opportunities
  • Announce chapter news from OCSTC and surrounding chapters
  • Learn from our guest speaker with room for a Q&A at the end
  • Have fun!

How to join

You'll need to register through this event page before the deadline. The day before the meeting or the morning of, we'll send the Zoom meeting URL and password to the email address you used to register. 

Video is optional but encouraged. Wearing earbuds or a headset is also highly recommended.

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