STC: Orange County Chapter 

The STC Orange County Chapter was established in 1962 and is managed exclusively by volunteers driven to provide technical communication opportunities for its members.

The Chapter's fundamental goals include the following:

  • To provide education and networking opportunities to members and prospective members.
  • To build awareness of technical communication with business and civic leaders
  • To provide opportunities for members to publish, present, and further develop their technical communication skills.

STC International

STC Logo

The Society of Technical Communication began in 1953 and is the world's oldest association dedicated to Technical Communication. The STC strives to help its members by promoting the best current practices and techniques in the field. To achieve that goal, STC offers a variety of educational opportunities, certification programs, and publications on a worldwide network. 

Some of Benefits provided to STC members include:

  • Access to a network with 4,000 professionals
  • Access to STC’s job bank
  • Discount of all webinars and online courses
  • Discounted prices for the CPTC (Certified Professional Technical Communicator) Certification Exam
  • Access to digital STC publications

Join STC to become part of our community today.